Standard therapy or couples/family therapy sessions

In most cases I see people for approximately one-hour sessions once per week.  As you progress, the sessions may be reduced to once every other week.  For couples or family therapy, an approximately 80-minute session is required.  For families and complex couple issues, an approximately 110-minute session is sometimes most effective and will be recommended before the next appointment.


Hypnotherapy sessions

In most cases I see people for hypnotherapy sessions of approximately 80-minutes. The first half-hour is spent talking and uncovering information.  The next 35 minutes is spent in hypnotherapy and the last 15 minutes in completion and weekly instruction.  I find that a great deal can be accomplished in this format.  In fact, most clients report that they have received more benefit from their first hypnotherapy session than in months of standard “talk” therapy.

During your session, I may make a reinforcement tape which is used to extend the benefits of your session.  With hypnotherapy, the benefits continue to increase after you leave the office and during the weeks that follow.  In the long run, you will save time and money by using the tapes to reinforce your healing.  In some cases it may be necessary to see you once per week at the beginning of treatment.  As you progress, the sessions may be decreased to every other week because of the long-lasting effects of hypnotherapy.



Payment for services is important in any professional relationship.  This may be even truer in therapy because it reflects how you handle other relationships.  One treatment goal is to make relationships, and the duties they involve, clear.  You are responsible for seeing that my services are paid in full.  Meeting this responsibility shows your commitment and maturity.  Payment is expected at the end of each session.

Some insurances apply – please contact Prestige Medical Billing for billing/insurance questions
Phone: (360) 805-0323

First diagnostic appointment (@ 53 min. session)   $195/session

Standard therapy (@ 53 min. sessions):    $180/session

Couples/family therapy (@ 80 min. sessions)    $270/session

Hypnotherapy: (@ 80 min. sessions)     $270/session

Telephone sessions: pre-scheduled     $5.00/min

Reporting fee:        $100/document